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Ever since our founding in 2000, The Bryan Law Firm, LLC, has established a reputation as one of East Alabama's leading family law firms. Attorney Raymond C. Bryan goes beyond just representing clients through their divorce — he provides valuable and experienced counsel designed to keep his clients' families secure in the long run. From our office in Anniston, we can counsel you on the most appropriate child custody and child support terms that put your child's welfare first.

How To Keep Your Children At The Heart Of Your Divorce Agreement

With decades of family law experience, we have seen the impact divorce agreements have on family dynamic and the quality of life of the children involved. These are just a few ways you can keep your children at the center of your divorce, and make decisions that help them thrive.

  1. Try to find a peaceful resolution. Many divorces can be tense, and it is understandable to have bitter feelings toward the other parent. But when a divorce turns personal, it can put your children in the middle. Rather than fight to take everything from the other side, try to find a resolution that meets in the middle ground. When there is no winner or loser, it gives each parent equal footing and allows for collaborative parenting.
  2. Consider what is truly best for your children. In some circumstances, you may find that fighting for sole custody is what is actually best for your children. But in other cases, this can negatively impact their upbringing. Take time to consider how your divorce agreement will affect the decisions relating to your children and their lifestyle.
  3. Discuss it with your children (if they are old enough). Your children may have an opinion about how they want to spend time with each parent. However, try not to get them too involved in your divorce.
  4. Foster a collaborative parenting environment. Ultimately after your divorce, your children will still have two parents. Rather than putting them in the middle, having to balance two different parenting styles, it is sometimes best to leave things cordial with the other party after your divorce so you can make certain parenting decisions together. The goal is often to minimize the impact your divorce has on your children's lives — which means continuing to foster collaboration between both parents moving forward.

While sometimes peace and harmony are easier said than done, it does not hurt to try for the sake of your children. By consulting with our firm before you get started with your divorce proceedings, we can help you ensure your decisions put your child first. Call our experienced divorce lawyer at 256-294-1846 today, or email our firm to get started.

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