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Top 5 Mistakes People Make in Divorce

Acting As Your Guide Through The Divorce Process

At The Bryan Law Firm, LLC, we have built a reputation as a leading family law firm in Calhoun County since our founding in 2000. Much of our excellent reputation is due to our attorney's determination to act as a guide to our clients instead of simply acting as their legal representative. By approaching family law matters, including divorce, as we do, we help our clients through every step of the process, ensuring they avoid the most common divorce mistakes.

Five Common Divorce Mistakes You Should Avoid

With nearly 30 years of legal experience, our lawyer, Raymond C. Bryan, has represented hundreds of clients in Alabama divorces. These years of experience ensure he will prevent you from making the same mistakes most people do during the divorce process. Continue reading to learn about the top five mistakes people make in divorce.

  1. Hiring a gunslinger: Often those who expect contentious divorces feel the need to hire who we call "gunslingers." These types of attorneys promise to go to trial to fight the soon-to-be ex-spouses every step of the way. What they do not tell you is the financial and emotional cost of such a strategy and that it rarely accomplishes more than deepening the division of the parties that inevitable leads to litigation. While some divorces do indeed need to go to court, we have found that most of our clients benefit more from negotiating their divorce terms than fighting court battles.
  2. Being too agreeable: Many clients have been manipulated and emotionally or physically abused during the marriage. They are fearful of their spouse and fear fighting them in Court for a fair distribution of their properties, for alimony (this applies to both mean and woman) to help them to go on with their lives after the divorce, and even for custody of their children. Instead of fighting they simply want to end their marriages and avoid litigation by agreeing to the unfair terms presented them by the spouse. They listen to the promises of the spouse and hope the spouse will treat them fairly afterwards. This is a dangerous position to take and will have long term consequences for the client and the children of the marriage. Our attorney will protect you and work on your behalf to help negotiate a fair settlement that will protect your financial future and your children. If that is not possible he will aggressively fight on your behalf with years of experience in the courtroom to obtain a fair and just resolution of these critical issues.
  3. Putting children in the middle: We understand that, for most parents, the children are the most important factor in the divorce. Because of a parent's love, children often become the focus of contention; however, this can damage the children and the parent-child relationship. Our goal is to help our clients protect the children and those relationships without ever putting the children's emotional well-being at risk while helping our clients to secure the right outcome for their children.
  4. Refusing to try alternative dispute resolution: When tempers flare and emotions run high, many clients believe it will be impossible to sit down with their spouses and work together to reach agreements on property division, child custody and visitation. However, with the help of a legal ally, negotiations are usually possible, which saves time, money and frustration.
  5. Believing that if mediation fails, litigation is no longer an option: Some clients believe that if they agree to try meditation, they will lose the right to go to court if they fail to reach agreements with their spouses. This is not true. While our attorney will try to help you reach a mutually beneficial settlement, if efforts to mediate fail, then you will be able to proceed to trial and our attorney will fight for your interests in court.

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Whether you have questions about divorce, child support or another family law matter, our attorney, Raymond C. Bryan, can provide the answers you need. To schedule your first meeting at our Anniston law office with our experienced lawyer, call 256-294-1846 or email us.

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